Metail is a UK based technology company that allows shoppers to try on clothes online. Metail used the IBM Innovation Centre to leverage the skills and knowledge of IBM’s technical consultants to architect and develop a prototype that would automate the process of integrating accurate and timely data about returned items.

Agility Multichannel
An ISV specialising in product information management systems, Agility Multichannel used the IBM Innovation Centre to integrate its leading product with IBM WebSphere Commerce and commercialise the solution quickly, making it Ready for Commerce and Social, giving Agility its competitive edge.

Accessing IBM’s high-spec hardware remotely enabled TMaxSoft to push its Oracle-compatible database to its limits and achieve global certification in IBM’s directory to open up new opportunities.

Misys, a leader in financial software has worked extensively with the IBM Innovation Centre - particularly enabling and performance testing their innovative Core Banking products on DB2, MQ, WAS, WPS and Power, leading to a significant number of successful client engagements where proven high performance is critical.