Your patient can benefit from the latest healthcare software

Proposed changes to healthcare organisations may sound like a broken record, but through IBM’s latest cognitive platform, IBM Watson, that record can now be played at its highest volume!

Although traditionally healthcare services have shied away from using technology to improve operational efficiency, digital evolution has paved the way for improved healthcare services, structure and patient interactivity.

Gone are the days of paper based records, limited technology software and data sources. Instead, cloud computing offers a systemic infrastructure that can improve resources, meet budget constraints and modernise healthcare structures in lieu of their audience reach.

Utilising cloud based technology, IBM’s Watson Care Manager (WCM) offers an integrated approach to health and social care that improves patient choice within the regulations of NHS and other local authorities.

Maximising the workflow for care management activities such as scheduling, developing individualised care plans, managing budgets, selecting providers and enabling care, Watson Care Manager not only provides personal insights for more impactful care plans, but also offers more effective use of care management resources.

Accelerating healthcare organisations performance and operations internally and externally, Watson Care Manager generates optimal solutions that can be controlled and managed by the user.

Leading Private Hospital Group, BMI Healthcare offers insight into how the move has benefitted both their organisation and their patients:

"The right data is consistently where we need it, reducing clinical risk and enhancing efficiency to provide a world class service to our patients" - Paul Cowley, Technical Solution Director

One small step for healthcare organisations, one giant leap for patients!