Intelligent technology transforms healthcare services

Do you find that healthcare coordination relies heavily on resources and budget allowances?

Are you finding timeframes for clinical research, post-surgery care plans and interactivity with patients limited, if not restricted?

You’re not alone! Increasing health data is constantly putting pressures on health and social care providers to deliver and integrate technology resources which can accommodate ever expanding data demands. 

Revolutionary solutions are in sight!

Intelligent computing platforms, which can be hosted on multiple systems to manage structured and unstructured data, are fast becoming the latest approach to accommodate and keep up with valuable data sources.

IBM has accelerated how healthcare services are used, and with IBM Watson has propelled how they can be delivered; highlighting the importance of how better technology can improve communication touch points between a patient and doctor.

IBM Watson is the only cognitive computing platform with capabilities to analyse high volumes of unstructured data. It understands complicated questions posed by patients and delivers evidence based answers. It can centralise and distribute knowledge to healthcare professionals and their patients, providing healthcare leaders with solutions to their consistent data dilemmas.

Understanding how audiences communicate, connect and access information readily and easily is the fundamental core of cognitive computing; empowering not just professionals but their patients too!

Don’t just take our word, read how Harrow Council fully supports this radical change in healthcare facilities through their latest integration of IBM technology