Dramatic digital advances accelerate neo-natal care provisions

Working with babies can be exceptionally challenging, if not risky, particularly when healthcare solutions are based on monitoring physical activity instead of patient insight and background.

‘If a baby develops a problem and we can’t see it, the baby cannot communicate this problem to us’.

IBM’s latest healthcare platform, IBM Watson, offers computer-based algorithms, which interrogates brain activity through monitoring and interpretation.

Generating the right healthcare solution at the right time!

Using IBM Streams, data is gathered and processed into meaningful information. The patient-focused cognitive computing allows for real time accessibility that can produce and coordinate visual and audible alarms, triggering immediate responses as and when needed.

IBM Watson provides a 360-degree care analysis touchpoint, offering neo-natal departments radicalised healthcare solutions. It can be accessible across multiple devices including mobiles, laptops and tablets. This allows healthcare providers time, which would otherwise be spent at the baby’s bedside, to interrogate data, access clinical research and analyse information from any location at any one time.

Cork University Maternity Hospital offers insight into how IBM Watson uses data, improves healthcare services and dramatically changes neo-natal provisions.

Giving healthcare providers more than a solution; they give families hope through cognitive solutions