Communicating with children using Health Bot Avatars

Communicating care plans can be incredibly complicated, and intimidating to the patient, especially if the patient is a child!

The need to interact, empathise and communicate in a language that is completely understandable is fundamental in a child’s end to end medical treatment management.

Technology has made this possible, generating the opportunity to combine intelligent computing and healthcare services with a platform which can communicate and interact with even the most sensitive of audiences. 

Using IBM’s latest cognitive platform, IBM Watson, children have been introduced to their very own Health Bot Avatar – an interactive computing robot which helps with pre and post-medical care in a language which is understandable, fun and innovative.

This next step in cognitive technology helps to reduce a child’s anxiety or stress by understanding their issues and concerns before they arrive at the hospital; giving clinicians new insights that can be used to address concerns and personalise diagnostic delivery via the Health Bot Avatar.

The avatar does not stop there; support for post-medical care for the child includes checking that medication has been taken and addressing any other post-care activities.  

This gives healthcare providers more than customer focused applications. IBM Watson integrates a platform which helps with ongoing support and guidance to patients, improving the overall quality and delivery of healthcare services.

Simply put, it offers a patient focused platform that is tailored to adapt, convey and advise patient’s medical health plans, pre- and post-treatment, providing end to end health and social care solutions.

More importantly, IBM Watson enables the delivery of vital care plans to audiences of all ages.

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has adopted this technology, using the platform to identify patient anxieties, providing information and reassurance on-demand; reminding young patients, and their parents, about appointments and aftercareand providing insightful feedback to clinicians.

Through digital innovations, Alder Hey has integrated this platform and now provides much more than economical healthcare services but delivers evidential reassurance to patients, particularly children, that they are in safe hands from start to finish.

Happier children, better healing

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