Computing just went viral

Last year, supercomputing projected IBM technology into another dimension!

Delivering the first movie trailer combining computer intelligence, data segmentation, audience measurement and emotion selective processes, IBM Watson delivered a revolutionary video platform, capable of video delivery based on data alone.

Using data from over 100 horror film trailers and performing a series of visual, sound and composition analyses, Watson created the baseline for the film trailer.

Adopting innovative technology which could interpret semantics and patterns in language and images, before delivering a concept based on consumer insights and behavioural analytics, has propelled how technology can drive innovation and creativity in the media and entertainment industry.

Generating the trailer to horror film, ‘Morgan’, put on display the enormous capacities IBM technology can achieve, understanding a specific subject area and using machine learning techniques and experimental Watson APIs.

By extracting specific moments to ascertain the most emotive scenes that would entice an immediate audience reaction, IBM Watson segmented 10 scenes, spanning over 6 minutes of video.....Although a human editor was still needed to patch the scenes together, the AI shortened the process down to only 24 hours when it typically takes around 10 to 30 days to complete a trailer.

Delivering video platforms which even the best horror films would be too scared to show!