Empower your customer with cloud technology

Digital shifts have dramatically changed how content is delivered to customers across the world.

Developing innovative cloud-enabled business models, IBM’s cloud computing solutions empower how organisations enhance and expand their customer’s overall journey, by redefining how relationships are formed with customers, subsequent operational behaviour and business dynamic identification.

With exponential growth in content delivery and increasing expectations, IBM cloud computing solutions offer achievable enhanced customer experiences through innovative distribution platforms and customer-focused business models.

Delivering innovative solutions such as IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager, a cloud based platform for external delivery, scaling live and on-demand content to reach large audiences, and IBM Cloud Video Enterprise Content Delivery Network, a virtual appliance, scaling content based on a specific location, IBM technology has empowered customer control with cloud technology.

Giving businesses scalable cloud video solutions unveiling analytical insights hidden in video data has projected cloud technology as the number one resource for gaining that competitive advantage; ascertaining exactly what the customer wants, where they want it and how they want it delivered.

Read how award winning, Base Media Cloud, one of the leading providers of managed cloud services for the media industry reinvented content distribution with IBM technology.