Customer journeys accelerate through video platforming

Media fragmentation is rapidly changing how people consume and access content online.

Customers have multiple channels to streamline, on-demand and delayed time, content through; pushing media and entertainment companies in providing fluid and seamless media experiences, with platform-agnostic availability across a variety of devices.

Through the adaptation of video platforming, companies are instantly revolutionising the way customers entertain, learn and communicate.

Fulfilling customer needs and growing and expanding revenue generation opportunities, IBM Cloud Video unlocks substantial video value on an unprecedented scale, by generating increasing marketing flexibility to dynamically, create new services.

By simplifying content management and distribution through video streamlining, IBM creates innovative platforms, enabling the delivery of live and on-demand video through simpler multi-screen video logistics.

Combining incredible insights, advanced research and powerful technologies with the consumers of tomorrow!

Every day we use 2.5 quintillion bytes of data but it is how you deliver this data which will make your customer’s journey truly remarkable!

Transforming your customer’s video experience with IBM