360 view of audience engagement

Having a 360 view of your customers sounds like an impossible task. But is it doable?

Yesterday’s design for smarter technology has just paved the way for a revolutionary platform, analysing and predicting consumer behaviour through real-time insightful cognitive technology.

IBM Watson delivers a cognitive system which enables an incredible relationship between humans and computers; generating intelligent data analysis based on behaviour, actions and outcomes from the onset.

Giving industry leaders in the media and entertainment industry, a competitive edge through definable analytical reports, IBM’s latest technology ascertains the exact focal point on products and services which the customers favour, by using social demographics, behavioural and personality insights, Artificial Intelligence and social campaigns.

Generating an advanced 360 view of customer insights provides a holistic approach which gathers valuable information about the customer leading to better engagement, increased revenue and sustainable customer relationships.

By combining data exploration, management, accessibility and integration into an analytical solution, you can create increased volume, velocity and variety in customer delivery, maximising your data capabilities and improving your overall customer experience.

Audiense, one of only two Twitter Official Partners certified for both data analysis and advertising, have collaborated with IBM Watson, providing a unique cognitive layer maximising investment in Twitter and delivering an interactive platform which enhances their client’s customer’s sentiment analysis.

IBM are more than just a business partner, together we continue to drive innovation and enhance our cognitive capabilities, providing unparalleled depth of audience understanding to achieve success for our customers. - Co-Founder, Javier Buron

Audiense provides a demographic, behavioural and psychographic understanding of any audience, and these partnerships add a deeper layer to these insights. Brands can understand any group of people on a cognitive level to predict consumer behaviour, optimise content and streamline media targeting. Insights can be directly connected to a range of actions, including Twitter advertising, direct message campaigns and mobile advertising. Go as granular or as wide as you need, and apply what you learn to find and engage potential customers. The IBM Watson and Audiense partnership continues to transform and drive innovation for clients. 

Impossibility is tomorrow’s reality