Yesterday’s imagination is today’s reality

Digital evolution has projected how the Media & Entertainment industry create and deliver channels and technology platforms, which are customer focused, customer benefitted and customer enhancing.

Technology advances have given consumers unlimited access to multitudes of data at any one time, changing how the market place operates every single day, putting strain on media and entertainment companies in accessing valuable data which can predict behaviour and expectations.

With exponential data opportunities, comes tremendous competition and through growing content distribution complexities, combined with ecosystems instead of value chains, business leaders are adopting cognitive computing systems in hopes of gaining a competitive edge and fulfilling customer expectations. 

Creating a better understanding of audiences, redefining advertising strategies and improving customer service, cognitive systems are revolutionising the overall customer experience; pushing the current boundaries of innovation and growth.

As the cognitive era pushes data into the latest competitive battleground, cloud platforms and analytic capabilities are helping companies streamline and focus the exact product or service to the right customer at the right time.

IBM Watson is a cognitive system which takes advantage of these capabilities; creating real time insights and driving technology innovation in the industry: helping companies take advantage of their consumer’s behaviour in digital form.

With analytic capabilities that provide the ability to take advantage of complex algorithms, IBM Watson helps companies in the media industry understand how past consumer behaviour can optimise the future of their business.

IBM Watson gives industry leaders strategic focus on engaging, discovering and deciding their audiences by improving communication and collaboration of their customer’s journey.

‘The cognitive era is a journey to learn, reason and look at evidence in new ways: giving new value today, that was yesterday’s imagination’.

Don’t just gain that competitive edge – Stay ahead with IBM Watson