How Watson APIs are transforming your customers’ experiences

This month saw the launch of the Watson Build Challenge which gives IBM Business Partners the opportunity to compete for the chance to bring their cognitive intelligence solution to life.

In 2011 when Watson was unveiled to the world as Jeopardy champion, it only had one capability. Question and Answer. Now, with over 30 capabilities, the opportunities to integrate Watson into your own business applications through Watson APIs are endless.

In this article we’ll take a look at how Watson’s capabilities are stretching the customer experience and shaking up the playing field.

Using Watson to create a new experience

One of the most revolutionary ways that Watson can transform businesses is through its impact on the customer experience.

We’ve been working with Wimbledon to look at how, with the help of cognitive intelligence, they can make Wimbledon even more engaging to viewers both in the stands and at home.

Imagine this; commentary from Wimbledon that makes use of data from 3.2 million data points across 19 courts on 14 days. Social media monitoring to gauge public reaction to umpire decisions and facial recognition that analyses fans’ reactions to performance and decisions in under a few seconds. Now imagine that this information can be used to weave real time reactions from fans directly into the coverage.

Let’s take this a step further. Watson’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology means that players’ equipment such as rackets and shoes can also transmit data for analysis. This gives players the ability to review their strategy, their performance on court and what they need to do to take their game to the next level. 

 Using Watson to show your customers a new way

There are infinite uses for Watson away from the sports field too. Businesses always want to get a competitive edge and, as around 80% of the world’s data is unstructured, Watson enables businesses to understand more about their consumers and their target market than ever before.

By pulling together data from social media, sales records, GPS technology, and even facial recognition, Watson can build an in-depth customer analysis covering things as diverse as time of purchase, place of purchase, shopper hair colour, what items are bought together and any comments about the retail experience they received, all within moments of a purchase being made.

Retailers can then use this information to provide a highly targeted marketing campaign and a whole new customer experience. 

Or, like one of Brazil’s largest banks Brandesco did, create a virtual customer experience enabling customers get real answers faster and more easily.

Grammy award-winning producer Alex Da Kid is using Watson to improve his fan’s experience too. By understanding customer opinions through social media posts and tweets, and analysing in depth what’s successful in the industry, he is reimagining his creative processes to give his fans a more fulfilling musical experience.

This level of insight, as you can imagine, enables companies to achieve previously unimaginable results. Kia Motors’ goals were surpassed by 279% when they started using Watson to find influencers in their influencer marketing campaigns through Influential.

With the analysis capabilities of Cognitive intelligence your options are endless. You can spot trends, save lives, identify new markets, create informed strategies, save money, speed up solutions, conserve energy, even fight crime. So what are you thinking about?

Sign up for the Watson Build Challenge today for your chance to bring your cognitive intelligence solution to life under the expert guidance of Product innovators and developers at IBM Hursley.

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